The GCBB frequently appears at the Gold Coast City Jazz Club. If you have any pics as a result of having seen the band at the Club, please feel free to email to Audience shots suitable for our web site are also welcomed.

Some 2015 GCBB Players

Andrew Montfroy

Adam Thomas

Anthony Simmons

Antonio Alvarez

Col Atkinson

Col Hoy

Col Jones

Cvitan Barac

Danny Ellem

Edne Barrenchea

Gordon Matheson

Ian Ford

Ivan Cocking

Jack McPherson

Jake Muggleton

Jodie Wentworth

Joe McDermott

Ashley Lewis

Les Woodford

Lochie Easton

Mal Capewell

Marcus Nassner

Scott Mason

Patrick Steer

Paul ‘Fluffy’ Jensen

Peter Parker

Peter Uppman

Randall Scheerle

Rick Best

Rob Goodale

Simon Petty

Steve Miklic

Tiffany Rae

Tony Gilbert

Willy Qua